It is your congress and we are here just to organize in a way that best suits you and help you earn the maximum scientific benefit comfortably, so please answer the following 10 questions to assist us:

* 1. Which country would be the most preferred for the upcoming congress (MEMBS 2017)?

* 2. What about 25 to 28 Nov.2017 as a date for MEMBS 2017?

* 3. How many days would you like to spend attending MEMBS 2017

* 4. Do you agree to have all of the workshops in one special day? Or you agree to have them during the regular congress days?

* 5. How comfortable are you to have MEMBS congress during your season holiday?

* 6. How comfortable are you to spend Saturday or Friday as days of the congress?

* 7. Did you like the 2016 experience of having MEMBS congress in an academic venue (university)?

* 8. MEMBS is working to design a full economic package to attend the congress coves: flight, accommodation, transportation, daily meal along with registration fees, are you interested to receive the details once we have this package ready?

* 9. At what email address would you like to be contacted?

* 10. Do you have any other comments, questions, or concerns?