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About you, your business/organisation and your role

HSE is looking for feedback on how we tell you about news.

We would welcome your help in answering a few short questions on our existing site, which will help us improve our offering for users. It normally takes no more than 3 mins.

Please do not provide any personal information.

We will not be able to reply to any health and safety questions.

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* 1. How many people work in your business or organisation?

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* 2. Is your job primarily focused on health and safety? 

Answer 'yes' if, in a typical working week, you spend more than half of your time on health and safety-related matters and 'no' if you spend less than half your time on health and safety.

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* 3. What best describes your job role?

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* 4. What best describes what your business or organisation does?

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* 5. How often do you visit the Media Centre?