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* 1. Electricity prices have risen in Brisbane, Australia by 13% as at July 1st, 2010 and are expected to continue rising rapidly. Would you be interested in investigating ways to reduce your companies exposure to these price increases?

* 2. An energy audit of your business will provide a complete analysis of the company's energy supply systems and the amount of carbon dioxide (equivalent) produced. Are you interested in having an audit done of your business?

* 3. There are many alternatives to obtaining power without having to use the public power grid. Would you be interested in paying dinkum energy a consulting fee of A$95 per hour to find out about the options for your company?

* 4. How much is the maximum price you would be prepared to pay for the above service?

* 5. Are you interested in a greener image for your company?

* 6. What energy related services would be of interest to your company? For example: energy brokerage; energy audits; consulting on alternative energy options etc.

* 7. Please tell us where you are located and your contact information