Teaching Toolkit Rummage 2018

Do you use an innovative process, strategy or electronic tool to teach? Perhaps you have a unique way to demonstrate theory in action, a process to put your students into groups, or have successfully used an online tool in a novel situation? Do you have examples of authentic assessment? Cool mechanisms for engaging students in lectures? Strategies for engaging or communicating with industry partners to provide WIL opportunities?

If this sounds like you, we’d love to hear from you below.

Please note submissions close Tuesday 10 April, 5pm.

* 1. Your title (i.e. Professor, Dr.)

* 2. First name

* 3. Surname

* 4. School (e.g. Business, Health and Rehabilitation Science)

* 5. Email

* 6. What type of tool would you like to demonstrate?

* 7. Please tell us a little about your tool, process or strategy by answering the below:
1) Name/title of tool, process or strategy
2) Brief explanation of the tool, process or strategy (2-3 sentences) 
3) How has it enhanced student learning outcomes? (2-3 sentences)
4) Why will other teachers be interested in it? (2-3 sentences)

* 8. Are you available to present on Friday 4 May from 1 - 4pm?