Linn County, Iowa - Website Redesign Public Survey

Linn County, Iowa, is looking at how we can improve our website to better serve our customers.

Your answers to these questions will help us identify trend information and understand what kind of information you find valuable and how we can better meet our customers’ needs through our website. The results will inform our decisions about our online presence. Please tell us what you think!

* 1. How often do you visit Linn County's website

* 2. Are you able to find the information you are looking for?

* 3. If you could not find the information you were looking for, or had difficulty finding it, what information were you looking for?

* 4. What information would you like to see added?

* 5. What are your top reasons for visiting Linn County's website?

* 6. What do you like most about our website and why?

* 7. What do you like least about our website and why?

* 8. How would you improve this site?

* 9. Are you currently subscribed or do you plan to subscribe to county eNotifications?

* 10. Do you have any additional suggestions, comments, or ideas for the Linn County website?