Obtaining your views on our actions.

At its retreat last summer, the board of the FCA-FAC set out some top-level goals for the FCA to pursue over the year. These were:

1. Get known as an important and useful federation by media, politicians and the public.

2. Present credible and compelling voices of regional groupings of community and citizen associations through a wide range of public participation activities.

3. Recommend new major projects or changes to City-wide strategy, policy, plans, standards and Budget and local community urban, suburban and village/rural and private sector development.

4. Partner in operational delivery of selected civic programmes toward affordability, quality, appropriateness, fairness, durability

5. Connect City Hall to communities and vice versa

6. Help build capacity within community groups and energy among them, through active exposure to each other and to other leaders.

The best means means at hand for pursuing many of these goals are our monthly meetings.  The topics covered and the time spent at these should both educate and connect us.  Another important aspect is the work done by board members and others outside of the meetings. Throughout the year, members working on behalf of the FCA have attended meetings, made presentations, met with city officials and monitored actions and announcements from city hall.

In my first year as your president,  thanks to the support of many dedicated board members, I believe that we have made considerable progress towards our top-level goals.  Now it is time for you to provide feedback. Where have we done well and where can we do better?

In this brief survey, you will find plenty of opportunity to comment. I wish to thank you in advance for taking the time to provide us with the benefit of your counsel.

Gary Sealey,