Thank you for participating in the 15th annual SD Times 100, to be published in the June 1, 2017, issue of the magazine.

This is the official reader nomination form, where you can nominate companies, organizations or individuals that demonstrated leadership and innovation in software development in 2016. The information you provide will be considered by the SD Times 100 judges during their deliberations.

Important notes:

1. The categories listed below are subject to change as part of the judging process for the 2017 SD Times 100.

2. Reader nominations close on April 1, 2017. No extensions will be given.

3. This is not a popularity poll: Multiple nominations will not improve a nominee's chances of being named to the SD Times 100.

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Thank you!

David Rubinstein
BZ Media's SD Times

* Company, organization or individual being nominated for the SD Times 100. Do not nominate a product! This is not a product award!

* Please help us categorize your nominations. You may select more than one, if appropriate, but doing so will not improve the nominee's chances of being named to the SD Times 100. If there is no perfect match, do the best you can.

These categories are suggestions only, and may not match those used in the 2016 SD Times 100. The judges reserve the right to move nominees to a more appropriate category, without notice.

* In your own words, please describe what the nominee did, in calendar year 2016, that demonstrated innovation and leadership in software development. In other words, how did the nominee set the agenda for the industry, advance the state of the art and get everyone talking?

(We strongly suggest limiting your comments to a paragraph or two focusing on specific 2016 accomplishments. General comments about the nominee, or long cut-and-paste boilerplate descriptions, will not help the judges understand why you are nominating the nominee for this year's SD Times 100.)

* What is your relationship with the nominee, if any?
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* Please provide YOUR contact information, in case we have questions about your nomination. (While this is not required, anonymous nominations carry less credibility with the judges.)