* 1. What type of service victimization(s) did you or a loved one experience?

* 2. How did you find out about the Flager County Sheriff's Office Victim Advocate Program ?

  Check Any that Apply
Direct Contact from the Program
Police Officer
Referral from another agency

* 3. What service(s) did you receive? (Indicate all that apply)

  Check those that apply
Information - Criminal Justice System
Information/Assistance - Injunction for Protection (Restraining Order)
Information - Victim Compensation
Information - Victim Rights
Information - Your Case
In-Person Contact
Personal Advocacy
Referral(s) to other agencies for service
Telephone Contact

* 4. Would you use the services of the Flagler County Sheriff's Office Victim Advocate Program again, if needed, or recommend the program to a friend?

* 5. Would you like to be contacted about your response?

Thank you for completing this survey.