This questionnaire is intended to help us find out about drug use and supply so we can plan services better. The questionnaire:

• Aims to gather perceptions of the drugs picture across Hampshire
• Relates to general understanding of changes and trends
• Does not ask for specific names or intelligence sources

In accordance with the National Intelligence Model (NIM) and the National Minimum Standards for CDRPs/ CSPs (Hallmarks of Effective Partnerships - Intelligence led business processes) Police and Partnerships are required to prepare Strategic Assessments. The partnership strategic assessment must include an analysis of the levels and patterns of crime, disorder and substance misuse (drug use and supply) and also includes a requirement to share information between responsible authorities. The partnership strategic assessment is intended to align with the NIM and the police process of producing strategic assessments which have been successfully used to identify key priorities and to tackle crime issues.

The purpose of the strategic assessment is to provide good analysis of information and data that will inform and enable strategic partners to set clear and robust priorities for their partnerships (Partnership Plan and LAAs).

This questionnaire will provide a number of benefits to partnerships involved in tackling substance misuse issues:

• Provides a living picture to identify changes in drug market trends, availability, supply methods, emerging threats and linked offending.
• Informs Police and Partnership strategic assessments and drug market profiles.
• Helps to identify key substance misuse priorities.
• Helps to inform needs assessments and commissioning of treatment services.
• Helps to identify regional and cross border issues.
• Identifies Knowledge and Intelligence gaps.

The feedback from the questionnaire together with existing intelligence and data sources should be analysed by partnerships to enhance knowledge and understanding of drug use and supply. The questionnaire will be disseminated to a broad range of agencies, groups and individuals involved in tackling drug issues. The questionnaire process will be repeated a minimum of twice yearly and align with the strategic assessment planning timetable. The results from the questionnaire will be fed through a single point of contact for analysis and shared amongst key partners.

All responses will remain CONFIDENTIAL.
Please provide as much information as possible.

Thank You.