Please provide some input on Handyguys video and other future capabilities. We appreciate your feedback. The videos that we are referring to can be found at

* 1. Would you like to see more short videos with The Handyguys demonstrating how to do something around the home?

* 2. When looking at the two videos, they are similar content but produced differently. Which approach do you like better?

* 3. If The Handyguys Podcast did more short videos, where would you want to watch them?

* 4. Please tell us about the CONTENT of these two videos

* 5. Please tell us about the QUALITY of these two videos

* 6. If The Handyguys Podcast had the ability for you to interact with other fans, upload your pictures and videos, post questions, help answer questions, create your own pages and generally interact socially (online) with The Handyguys and their fans, would you use it?