40th EVA International: Audience Questionnaire

1.Have you attended EVA International before?
2.Age demographic:  (18-24), (25-34), (35-44), (45-54), (55-64), (65+)
3.Residency demographic: (Ireland, please state county, or international, please state country)
4.Did you travel specifically for this event?
5.If you did travel, did you stay in accommodation? (Please provide number of bed nights & accommodation type; hotel, B&B)
6.Have you engaged with any local cafés, restaurants etc. during you visit?
7.Which venues did you visit?
8.Why did you visit?
9.How did you hear about the 40th EVA International programme? (eg; Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, EVA website, EVA visitor guide, word of mouth, newspaper, Limerick.ie, Discover Ireland, Visual Artists Ireland, signage, Other)
10.Is there anything different you would like to see introduced within the programme in the future?