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About this Feedback Survey

Thank you for being part of the OurFerguson2040 process, and for taking the time to review the comprehensive plan document. This document is the product of countless conversations and hard work by community members, the OurFerguson2040 Steering Committee, local elected officials, City staff, and other stakeholders in the region. We are grateful to everyone for the time, ideas, and energy you have contributed throughout this process.

Now, we are seeking final input and feedback as we refine this draft plan document for consideration by the Plan Commission and City Council. Following the plan’s consideration and adoption, it will serve as a guiding policy document for Ferguson on matters of land use, economic development, and other efforts.

This survey is designed to help solicit and organize your feedback on the document:
  • Did we miss any great ideas?
  • What ideas are you most excited about?
  • Are there ideas where you can see yourself getting involved?

Please share your comments, questions, and ideas on the pages that follow.
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