* 1. What is your HE number? (Not madatory - please enter for your chance to win a prize)

* 2. Please identify your current role

* 3. Please select your main area of work

* 4. You have identified a 'risk' to patient safety in your workspace.
The correct action is to:

* 5. You ward or department has decided to undertake a clinical audit. You have been told to register the audit in GEKO. Where would you find GEKO?

* 6. An Accreditation Surveyor has asked you how you'd explain Open Disclosure to a new staff member. Your answer should be:

* 7. A patient tells you they want to make a complaint. Do you:

* 8. All patients should receive information on the WA Public Patient’s Charter, Freedom of Information and general safety information to help prevent incidents. Which RPBG document includes this information and can be ordered through iProc?

* 9. How would you know how well your ward is performing against clinical indicators and targets?

* 10. What is your role in patient safety?