The Colorado State Innovation Model (SIM) Office is funding a service to help primary care practices extract electronic clinical quality measures (eCQMs) from electronic health records to help providers report data to appropriate sources while reducing administrative burden. This investment builds on existing state efforts and fulfills the health information technology (HIT) pillar for SIM, a federally funded, governor's office initiative that is helping practices integrate behavioral and physical health and prepare for success with alternative payment models (APM's).
Reporting clinical quality measures has been regularly cited as a barrier to success with APM's which is one of the reasons why the SIM team is investing in this approach.

To ensure success, the SIM team is creating a data governance committee and seeks a group of professionals to create a foundational governance structure for the initiative's eCQM data use. 

Committee members will agree to a one-year commitment, act as stewards of the eCQM data, promote transparency and develop trusted and agreed upon policies for governance. These policies will be effective throughout the duration of the SIM initiative through July 2019. After the initial one year commitment there will be a process to re-apply.

This work aligns with Colorado's Health Information Technology (HIT) Roadmap and the eHealth Commission. The committee will create a foundation that will be tapped for future regional and statewide HIT initiatives.
The committee's charter will include:
-Set baseline policies and procedures around the sharing of eCQM data between SIM cohorts such as the SIM office and Medicaid
-Build and establish trust with stakeholders around the use of eCQM data
-Promote transparency and buy-in across health plans and providers
-Give stakeholders an opportunity to understand data use limitations
-Create an appeals process for providers who may not agree with eCQM measure results