1. Winter Vegetable Share survey for 2010-2011

This was our first winter share distribution, please help us to improve it by answering the questions below.

* 1. Where did you pick up your winter share

* 2. Were you satisfied with your 2010-2011 winter share of vegetables

* 3. Considering that the amount of vegetables you received for the money that you spent, do you feel that you got your money's worth

* 4. Please tell us if you would have liked more or less of the different frozen items, or if you received just the right amount

  more less just right
green beans
red peppers

* 5. This is the first year that we have frozen our vegetables for winter distribution. We went with the standard supermarket weights for each of the various packages. Would you have preferred different sizes?

  more weight /package less weight /package just right
cauliflower 12oz
haricot vert 12oz
tomatoes 24 oz
red peppers 12oz

* 6. please tell us if you would like more or less of the following vegetables, or let us know the amount was just right.

  more less just right
sweet potatoes
butternut squash
acorn squash
carnival squash

* 7. We harvested fresh field grown vegetables for the first two pick ups, after things were frozen in the field, we could not offer those items (salad greens, cooking greens).

Did you purchase those items elsewhere to augment your share after they were no longer available through us?

* 8. What improvements could you suggest for our future winter share offerings?

* 9. How many people were eating this share in your household? Please select both adults and children if applicable.

* 10. In your household would you describe the cooking as...

* 11. How often do you eat out (or order take out)?

* 12. Because of the holidays we had two pick ups in November, one in December and one in January. We distributed roughly the same volume of vegetables each delivery.

How many weeks were you able to eat from this share?

* 13. What is your preferred schedule for winter share pick ups?

* 14. Thank you very much for completing this survey, if you have any additional comments or suggestions, please write them here.