* My Name Is: _________________________________

* I live in _______________ Hall or Apartments.

* Alcohol Policy: Students may use empty alcohol bottles for display, as long as they are not in windows.

* Alcohol Policy: Alcohol may be consumed in the common area of the suite if everyone present is 21 years old or older.

* Alcohol Policy: "Knowingly in the presence of alcohol" is a violation of the college's alcohol policy even if the student is off campus.

* The following items are prohibited from the residence halls:

* If a resident left their book in another resident's room, but the other resident is gone and the room is locked, you can allow the resident into his friend's room to get the book only.

* A parent calls you and asks for details regarding a student conduct incident involving their son.
Can you discuss the incident?

* Is the following situation a violation of the alcohol policy?
A 21 year old resident having a beer in his room with his 20 year old roommate present.

* Is the following a violation of the alcohol policy?
A beer pong set-up (cups, ping pong balls) but no alcohol present.

* Is the following a violation of alcohol policy?
A group of 21 year old residents of the Leadership House drinking in the living room of the house.

* Is the following a violation of the alcohol policy?
A 19 year old resident returns to the building stumbling, having difficulty walking, and smelling of alcohol.

* When confiscating and disposing of alcohol from a room, the following should be done:

* On your rounds, you found a small bag of marijuana on the floor in the hallway. You should:

* Check the following that are violations of the noise policy:

* If a resident wants their 16 year old brother to visit for the weekend, they need special permission from the RHD.

* You discover on your nightly rounds that someone has written "God Hates Fags" on one of the bulletin boards in your building.
You Should:

* Rough-housing is not allowed in college residence halls. Rough-housing consists of wrestling, boxing, ball-playing, etc.

* Is this a violation of residence hall/campus policy?
Students distributing flyers for off-campus businesses on bulletin boards, doors, etc.

* A couple of students are having loud sex in a room on your floor. Several residents are complaining to you, and another group is standing in the hallway, laughing.
Is there a policy violation?

* The following are policy violations: