The Office of Research Compliance and Assurance (ORCA) is committed to providing excellent customer service. Your feedback on our Customer Satisfaction Survey is greatly appreciated to assist in our continuing efforts to improve quality and delivery of services. All responses are confidential.

* 1. What is your affiliation with USA?

* 2. How would you rate your overall experience with the Office of Research Compliance?

* 3. How would you rate the overall usefulness of our website?

* 4. How would you rate the helpfulness of our employees?

* 5. For our improvement, please rate your level of satisfaction on the following attributes as they apply to your experience with ORCA

  Very Satisfied Satisfied Neutral Unsatisfied Very Unsatisfied N/A
Clarity of Forms
Timeliness of Services
Accessiblity and Courtesy of Staff
IRBNet (electronic portal) as a User Friendly Process
Human Subjects approval process
Biosafety approval process
Animal Use approval process

* 6. If you submit a research protocol again, how can we improve your experience?

* 7. What suggestions do you have for improving services related to research compliance?

* 8. Please enter any additional comments