WELCOME HOME - Saint Mary Parish Pastoral Plan

Dear Friends in Christ,

As part of our Saint Mary Parish Pastoral Plan, Welcome Home, we would appreciate your feedback on the homilies presented by our priests and deacons at our Masses. Your candid, constructive and anonymous feedback will help us in our preaching role.
Below is the survey questionnaire. Your feedback will be shared with Father Sean Kulacz, Deacon Jerry Lambert and Deacon Bob Salvestrini. Thank you for taking the time to provide us with this helpful feedback!
Msgr. Larry Bronkiewicz

* 1. Date and Time of Mass Attended

Date / Time

* 2. Location of Mass

* 3. Name of Homilist

* 4. Did you like the homily overall? (1 star = not at all and 5 stars = very much)

* 5. Was it easy to pay attention?

* 6. Did the homily make an impact on you?

* 7. Could you apply the homily message to your life?

* 8. Did the homily help you?

* 9. What subjects would you like covered more often?

* 10. I think this homily could have been

* 11. Is there anything else you would like to share with us?