* 1. Have you interacted with the History Museum in the last 12-24 months?

* 2. What do you think of when someone mentions “the history museum”? (char. Limit of 500)

* 3. What are 3 words you would use to describe the Historical Society/History Museum? (100 char. Limit)

* 4. What are some key moments in our local history? (500 char. Limit)

* 5. What are the top 3 most interesting assets of the Thomas County History Museum? (500 char. Limit)

* 6. What was your most memorable experience as a child in regards to visiting a museum (any museum)? (500 char. Limit)

* 7. What makes you proud to be from, or living in, Thomas County? (200 char. limit)

* 8. What types of museum events would you attend and would you bring your friends and family to? (200 char. Limit)

* 9. What types of extra-curricular activities do you and your family usually attend on a weekend or weeknight? (please list 3)

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