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Defining a profession, in terms of role in an organisation, competences and experiences, career path, etc, is very complex. Doing this work for a new emerging profession such as that of DATA SCIENTIST is challenging. However, succeeding in such a challenge means that we can help most of you in your career needs:

- If you are a scientist looking for improving your career path;
- if you are a student looking for tailoring your studies for a successful employment;
- if you are a researcher looking for formal recognition of your competences and experiences;
- if you are an HR manager looking for clearly defined competences and experiences that candidates need to have;
- if you are an educator looking for new topics for your courses that fit with Enterprise and Academic needs...

...  use this survey to provide your vision, needs and perspective into this study. Helping the EDISON team with this survey will let you contribute to the creation of concrete and factual tools that will facilitate the definition of the Data Science Profession.

The survey will last less than 30 minutes.
Please, take enough time to reflect on your answers. Valuable replies will result on more value on the output.

To thank you for your participation in this survey you will receive in advance the documents published by the project and a free one-year subscription to the forthcoming Portal

For more information on the EDISON Data Science Framework, please refer to the General Introduction.

Guarantee of confidentiality:
Data collected will be anonymised and used according to the European data privacy regulations.

EDISON project:
The project is an H2020 EU funded project tasked with identifiyng the skills and competences required for the emerging Data Science profession. More information can be found at the project web site: