Feed Ontario Board of Directors Application - Skills Matrix

Thank you for your interest in joining the Feed Ontario Board of Directors!

Feed Ontario's Board of Directors strives to sustain cognitive and experiential diversity, complementary competencies, and balanced informed decisions.

Contributing to these efforts is the potential Directors' participation in completing a self assessment to determine how your expertise and experience will complement the knowledge and expertise of the existing Board of Directors.

This survey is intended to take approximately 5 minutes of your time.

Question Title

* 1. Please use the following rating scale to describe your level of expertise:

Familiar - peripheral awareness and understanding
Knowledgeable - a skill you apply professionally
Expert - you have a designation or this is applied to your profession full time

  N/A Familiar Knowledgeable Expert
Non-profit/charitable sector
Strategic development
Food industry (excl. food banking)
Finance & audit, incl. risk management
PR / Communications
Business management (incl. human resources)
Corporate social responsibility
Issues of Poverty/Food Insecurity

Question Title

* 2. Do you self identify as someone with lived/living experience of poverty?

Question Title

* 3. Please provide your contact information as part of the application process.

Question Title

* 4. Please share any other comments or any additional information/expertise you think could be relevant to your role on the Board of Directors below: