* 1. Are you interested in attending the 2018 All Sokol Slet in Prague, (end of June 2018)?

* 2. If you attend, will you travel with the American Sokol's Official National Tour?

* 3. If you choose the National ASO Tour please indicate the following:

* 4. What type of tour would interest you most?

* 5. Please indicate a tour that would most interest you.

* 6. When staying in Prague for the All Sokol Slet, please indicate your hotel preference.

* 7. Please answer the following questions:

* 8. If there is a tour to other countries, are you able to travel on a bus for 10-12 hours with tour stops along the way?

* 9. Is this your first trip to the Czech Republic?

* 10. I am interested in the following:

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