Library website feedback - semester 1, 2017

What do you like about the Library website?  What can be done to improve the Library website?
Give us your feedback in this short survey.  

The survey is anonymous unless you wish to opt in to our prize draw for a $10 Co-op bookshop voucher.

* 1. Please tell us who you are

* 2. What is your mode of study?

* 3. Where do you access the Library website from the most?

* 4. If you use a mobile device to access the Library website please select the platform you use

* 5. Which part/s of the Library website do you use to find information for your assignments or research?

Drag and drop your most used feature to the top of the list to rank in order of importance. Tick N/A for what you don't use

* 6. What non-Library sites do you use to search for information for your assignments or research? 
(select as many as you use)

* 7. Where do you find information about  how to use the Library?
(select all that you use)

* 8. What do you like most about the Library website?

* 9. What would you improve about the Library website?

* 10. What other library websites do you like? Tell us why you like it

You made it! Thanks for helping us improve the Library website

* 11. If you want to be entered into a prize draw for a $10 Co-op bookshop voucher please enter your name and email address

* 12. If you are interested in participating in forthcoming website usability testing please leave your name and email address (we will be offering a thank you gift to usability testing participants)