* 1. How did you learn about MADD Victim Services?

* 2. I received prompt and courteous responses to my requests for services.

* 3. MADD Victim Advocates were available, dependable, and knowledgeable.

* 4. Written brochures and other materials were useful and beneficial.

* 5. I feel that the MADD Victim Advocate listened to my story and provided me with emotional support when I needed it.

* 6. As a result of MADD Victim Services, I have participated in the legal process and have an increased awareness of my rights as a victim.

* 7. I received helpful referrals to other community resources.

* 8. I have experienced a high level of satisfaction with MADD Victim Services.

* 9. I would refer a friend or relative to MADD Victim Services.

* 10. Please feel free to comment about the MADD Victim Services: