Introduction & Purpose

Auckland Disability Law (ADL) is the only community law centre (CLC) which solely provides disability related legal services and activities to disabled people and the wider disability community.  We work with disabled people around their disability related legal issues, and provide legal education and law reform work within the community. 

The Ministry of Justice, our primary funder, is currently doing a Community Law Funding Review of the 24 CLCs in Aotearoa New Zealand.  CLCs have had a funding freeze for the last eight years.  Since we were established nine years ago in Auckland, we have been increasingly working with disabled people and organisations from across Aotearoa New Zealand.  Finding the funding and resources to meet this increasing demand is problematic.     

While ADL now works across Aotearoa New Zealand, we are still primarily funded at the same level as when we only worked in Auckland.  We believe that there is a need for a properly resourced national disability legal service, and that ADL should be adequately funded to fulfil this role. 

We are keen to hear from disabled people and the wider disability community about their needs and wants around disability related legal services and activities.  This survey asks if you agree with ADL’s position and for your feedback on what you would need from a national disability legal service going forward. 
Thank you!