1. Evaluation Instructions

ISBA has created these course evaluations to provide students with information to help them make more informed decisions when picking courses and shaping their legal education. These course evaluations are in addition to the current course evaluations that you fill out during class. The administration and faculty use the in-class evaluations in their tenure and other decision-making processes. We encourage you to continue to provide feedback on those evaluations. Your feedback on the in-class evaluations is valuable and an important way to make your voice heard to the faculty and administration. The ISBA evaluation is way to help your fellow students.

Please make sure that this evaluation is for a course that you are enrolled in this semester. Please only fill out one evaluation per class. You may skip a question if you do not feel that is applicable to your class experience. The numeric results of the evaluations will be available and posted next semester. You may write comments, but ISBA will only post comments at our discretion and if we have the time to compile them. When you are finished with this evaluation, please take the time to fill out evaluations for your other classes. Thank you for your participation.