Newport's 2040 Comp Plan

Newport is updating its Comprehensive Plan.  The plan will guide land use, development, sewer and water services, parks and trails, heritage preservation, and other issues through the year 2040.  The City’s Planning Commission and Council are seeking input from residents and businesses through this survey to help them to complete the plan.  Please take 5 minutes to complete the below questions.

* 1. Are you a resident, business, or both?

* 2. What do you see as the City’s strengths to build on for the future? (Check all that apply)

* 3. What issues or needs should the City work on in the next 10-20 years? (Pick or list 3 priorities)

* 4. If you picked "Redevelopment or development in other areas" or "Improving the appearance of parts of the City" in question #3, please tell us which areas you would like to see for each.

* 5. If a friend or co-worker asked you if Newport is a good place to live or own a business, give a brief response on why it is and or why it needs improvement (you may answer yes, no, or both).