Survey for prospective transfer clients

Hello Prospective Transfer Client!
I sincerely appreciate your interest in Loc Lifestyle Studio specializing in Sisterlocks®.

The purpose of this survey is to gather some of the general information needed in preparation for scheduling an appointment with you.  Additionally, this platform provides a means of acquainting you with Loc Lifestyle Studio business policies (prior to scheduling).
ABOUT ME: I am a Certified Sisterlocks® Consultant listed on the Sisterlocks® registry, wearing Sisterlocks® since December 2015, providing Sisterlocks® services since December 2016.  More will be explained within this survey. My current rates can be found at There you will also find a gallery with examples of my work. You are invited to follow Loc Lifestyle Studio on Instagram and Facebook.

I look forward to working with you!

Best regards,

Sandra Saltibus
Owner & Sole Proprietor
Loc Lifestyle Studio LLC
Certified Sisterlocks® Consultant
Hair Loss Solutions Practitioner

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* 1. Thanks so much for reaching out! Please let us know how you found out about Loc Lifestyle Studio. It is helpful to know who to thank for a referral/recommendation, and which forms of advertising / marketing /networking are working.

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* 2. Please enter the approximate date of your last retightening below.


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* 3. Tell me about your loc care routine - including information about how you maintain your locks at home (washing, drying, moisturizing, styling, bedtime maintenance, etc.)

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* 4. Please write below:

(1) What kind of locs do you have and how long have you worn them? 
(2) How long are your locs and who installed them?
(3) What is your regular retightening interval and how long did your appointments take to complete?

Be advised that Loc Lifestyle Studio follows the guidelines of the Sisterlocks® Home Office and regularly performs retightenings for clients at 4-8 weeks. 

Retightening intervals are recommended depending on the size of your locs, loc count, stage of loc development, how fast your hair grows, and how long it takes to complete your retightenings. Recommended intervals will save you money in the long term and preserve the overall integrity and strength of your locs.

Loc Lifestyle Studio only keeps clients that maintain regular retightening schedules.

Loc Lifestyle Studio may recommend that you maintain the same retightening interval advised by your former Consultant, or recommend a different retightening interval.

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* 5. To be able to consistently provide timely services to my clients, time management and timely communication are critically important. Client should arrive within 15 minutes of appointment start time with loose, clean and dry  hair that has been freshly washed with a clarifying shampoo on the same day of OR a day prior to the client's retightening appointment. Hair must be residue free (free from oils, moisturizers, conditioners, styling products and excessive dandruff). 

Please enter today's date below to acknowledge your awareness of this.


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* 6. Without a referral/recommendation from a trained loctician or Sisterlocks® professional (Certified Sisterlocks® Consultant, Sisterlocks® Trainee) I will need to schedule a mini-consult with you, prior to scheduling any service appointments. I need an opportunity to evaluate the amount of new growth you have, the condition of your hair and scalp, so I can plan my time accordingly, and assess if partnership for the health of your hair is possible. Please enter the date below to indicate your awareness of this.


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* 7. Lets talk about Loc Lifestyle Studio policies.

PREPAYMENT is required to book an appointment with Loc Lifestyle Studio.  Appointment status is not confirmed until pre-payment is received (in full).  I will check with you to see what day and time works best, schedule an appointment for you based on mutual availability, and send you an invoice for prepayment.

INVOICE DUE DATE - Invoices are due 8 days prior to your appointment. Outstanding invoices result in unconfirmed/cancelled appointments. Accepted forms of payment are Zelle and PayPal. 

REFUNDS - Refunds are available up to one week prior to appointment. At one week prior to appointment, pre-paid fees are NON-REFUNDABLE however appointments can be rescheduled.

TRANSFER CLIENTS - without a referral from a trained loctician, Sisterlocks® professional (Certified Sisterlocks® Consultant or Sisterlocks® Trainee), a mini consultation appointment with Loc Lifestyle Studio will be necessary.

LATENESS - Time management is extremely important. If you are going to be late, communicate with me as soon as possible. If you are more than 15 minutes late without communication, your appointment will be considered a missed appointment or now show. This appointment can be rescheduled for a future date and time and will be subject to Consultant availability.

MISSED APPOINTMENT & NO SHOW FEE - Upon scheduling, Loc Lifestyle Studio sends emails to alert clients of appointments and invoices. Clients have the responsibility of managing their calendars and setting reminders for their appointments. Missed appointments and no show appointments (15 minutes late or more without communication) will result in a $50 fee for the missed appointment slot, and rescheduling subject to appointment availability.

LOCATION - Unless otherwise arranged, all services will be provided at my salon suite in Alpharetta, GA - address will be provided upon scheduling.

NO VISITORS DURING SERVICE - Due to trademarked proprietary techniques, observation is strictly prohibited. Services are provided by private appointment only - no guests, no children (unless the children are being serviced), no video messaging or calls, and no recording. If you are interested in training, please visit

Loc Lifestyle Studio, LLC. Established December 2016.
All rights reserved.

Please enter the date and time below to acknowledge your awareness.


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* 8. Please provide your contact information so that I may create a client profile and follow up with you. Thanks again for considering Loc Lifestyle Studio for your Sisterlocks® services needs!