* 1. How old is your child?

* 2. In what city do you live?

* 3. What sort of disability does he/she have?

* 4. What are some of the biggest challenges when dealing with him/her?

* 5. How have you gone about solving those challenges?

* 6. As you look to the future, what worries you most about your child's development?

* 7. What products or services are you using to help you deal with these challenges and worries?

* 8. If you are using rehab, therapy or developmental services, how can these be improved? (better monitoring, more independence, better communication?) (Please state which one(s) you are using)

* 9. On an average month, how much do you spend on your child?

* 10. Additional comments/ideas/feedback. If you would like to leave your email, we will keep you updated on our venture. Thank you for your time.

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