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* 1. Who are you and what projects do you maintain? (optional)

* 2. Please check off boxes of the places you check for bugs for your project.

* 3. Are you interested in bugs from Ubuntu being forwarded to your project?

* 4. If you have received forwarded bugs from Ubuntu, how would you rate the quality of bugs that we forward to your upstream project?

  Terrible Average Awesome
Speed of Forwarding
Debugging Information
Filtering out noise (+1!)
Applying your fix to Ubuntu

* 5. Please rate the quantity/quality of Ubuntu patches

  Terrible Average Awesome
Quantity of Patches
Quality of Patches
Ease of Finding Ubuntu patches

* 6. Do you use Launchpad for any upstream development?

* 7. If you use Launchpad, which of its features do you find useful for Upstream development?

  Terrible Average Awesome
Bug tracker
Bug linking
Code hosting
Code browsing
Integration with bzr
Mailing lists

* 8. Please answer these to your best ability.

  Strongly Disagree Neutral Strongly Agree
Ubuntu developers are responsive to my needs.
Ubuntu developers are responsive shipping my fixes.
I know and understand the Ubuntu Stable Release Update (SRU) policy
I am interested in participating in a bug day for my project in conjuction with the Ubuntu QA team

* 9. Please tell us three good things and three things that need improvement with regard to our bug and patch communication to your project.

* 10. Please leave feedback on anything else you'd like us to know