* 1. How would you like to control the roaster?

* 2. Range the following statements from "very important" to "not important"

  Not that important Moderately important Very important Extremely important
Easy to use
Easy to clean on a daily basis
Easy to repeat profiles
Evenly roasted beans
External computer control
Possibility to modify the roaster yourself
Easy to find new parts
Assemble it yourself? (IKEA style)
Trier for sampling beans
Viewing window
Back to back roasting
Energy efficiency
Ventilation system with one exhaust pipe (drum and cooler)
Small size, easy to move
All stainless steel
Nice design

* 3. Whats the highest price you would pay? (in US dollar, given that all your criteria's would be fulfilled)

* 4. Whats the SMALLEST batch size you would prefer? (in lbs or kg)

* 5. 3. Whats the BIGGEST batch size you would prefer? (in lbs or kg)

* 6. Thermometer

* 7. I am a

* 8. If you have any other ideas or thoughts please share them with me!!