How are we doing?

Surrogacy Australia is a peak body representing, supporting and advocating for Australian families who have formed their families, or hope to form their families, through surrogacy. We have recently undergone several changes within the Surrogacy Australia management committee and would like to follow these changes with a fresh look at our role and our goals and ensure that these are inline with your needs and goals. How do you feel we are doing? What would you like Surrogacy Australia to do for you? How can we best work for you? 

* 1. How did you find out about Surrogacy Australia?

* 3. If you are not a current member of Surrogacy Australia, why not?

* 4. If you are a member, why did you join Surrogacy Australia?

* 5. Please describe your experience as a member of Surrogacy Australia so far

* 6. What are the services you would like Surrogacy Australia to provide?

* 7. On a scale of 1 -7 (1 being the least important and 7 being the most important), what do you think the goals of Surrogacy Australia should be? Please rank each of the options below:

* 8. If not listed in question 7, please state what you think Surrogacy Australia should aim to achieve or provide?

* 9. Would you attend any of the following Surrogacy Australia events?

* 10. What topics and themes would you like more information on?

* 11. What would you like to see improve in terms of Surrogacy Australia governance?

* 12. Are you aware of any organisation (locally in Australia or overseas) offering assistance and support for surrogacy, gay parents, Lesbian parents? If yes, please provide details:

* 14. What do you think Surrogacy Australia needs to do to improve performance?

* 16. What changes does Surrogacy Australia need to make to its approach with media

* 17. If you are not a member of Surrogacy Australia what would Surrogacy Australia need to provide for you to want to join?

* 18. Are you?

* 19. Would you attend a Surrogacy Australia public consultation day?

* 20. What topics would you most like to learn about or discuss at this event?

* 21. Any other comments on Surrogacy Australia you would like to add?

* 22. We value your feedback, do you have any comments on this survey that you would like to share?