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We would like your help in drawing up a plan for Saltash, by telling us e how you would like Saltash to be by 2030. Please do so by filling in this short questionnaire (which should only take about 10 minutes). Your answers will be treated in the strictest confidence and cannot be traced back to you. Answers to this questionnaire will be used to ensure that the plan responds to what you and others want and what the people of Saltash need most.

The Government requires that ‘Sustainable Development’ must be at the core of Neighbourhood Plans.

What is Sustainable Development? In a nutshell making sure we grow and develop in a way that’s safe and fair for future generations.

This means that, to get the best long-term outcome for Saltash, we should aim to:
  • Live within the planet’s environmental limits –by protecting and enhancing our natural and man-made environment, and responding to climate change.
  • Ensure a strong, healthy and just society –by meeting present and future needs for the housing, work and services that support the wellbeing of all our community.
  • Achieve a sustainable economy –by supporting actions that build prosperity for all and use resources wisely
  • Promote good governance –by making sure that all our community’s creativity, energy and diversity is involved in drawing up the Saltash Neighbourhood Plan.
NOTE: The survey saves automatically. Also you can part fill in the form and return to it at anytime or go back later to amend your response providing you return via the same computer. Only one questionnaire return from any one computer is allowed. If more than one person in a household wants to make a return, you can access the survey via a laptop or mobile smartphone. Alternatively you can email us and ask for  paper copies to fill in and return: info@plan4saltash.co.uk