* 1. What grade is your child(ren) in? Select all that apply

* 2. Do you live on-base?

* 3. What school does your child(ren) attend?

* 4. Please rank information that is most useful when selecting a school.

  Least Important Somewhat Important Most Important
School rating by State
Test scores
Extracurricular activities offered
Registration process
School location
Class size
Special services provided by the school
Availability of before/after school care

* 5. Did you and/or your spouse attend the Base Newcomers Orientation? If so, did you find the information presented by the School Liaison Officer helpful? Choose up to two:

* 6. Prior to or during your last PCS, what was the level of knowledge you had or gained regarding K-12 education options for your child(ren) at your inbound location?

* 7. From the previous question, how did you receive your level of K-12 education options at your inbound location? Please select all that apply.

* 8. Does your child(ren) utilize Exceptional Education services at School?

* 9. What information do you wish you had before you moved to Davis-Monthan AFB regarding schools in the surrounding area?

* 10. Do you feel the Davis-Monthan AFB School Liaison Officer met/is meeting your needs as it relates to K-12 education information in the surrounding area?