Welcome to the Classical Learning Academy Home School Survey.

Classical Learning Academy (CLA) is a home schooling program being developed in response to a perceived need. Its parent organization, OLT, has been involved in distance education and learning since 1997. The founder and many of our staff have been home schoolers. We are committed to education on many levels. This year we will begin the CLA, a home school program committed to assisting parents with home schooled children.

An enterprise of this nature should begin with a needs assessment. Polling CLA and OLT faculty and staff, our perception is that the greatest need is in the middle school and high school years. But we need to hear from you, others who are either considering home schooling or are currently home schooling some or all of their children to ensure our program meets your needs.

Our current online home schooling model includes a core classical education at each grade level with additional enrichment courses available to tailor programs to meet individual needs. We provide individual grade level education plans, course materials, tutorial help, online testing and progress tracking. Parents can be confident their children are receiving a quality education, and will know how well their children are doing on a regular basis, through course and grade completion.

Please assist us in improving our educational program by taking a few minutes to complete this survey.