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Share Your Transformation Story and Perspective on the Healing Needs of Men

Warrior Compassion: Unlocking the Healing Power in Men is set to be released on May 2022 by New Degree Press.  The book started out as a reflection of my healing journey, which turned into a roadmap for healing and transformation based on the kernels of my story.  

And it's quickly evolving into a roadmap for men's soul healing as a catalyst for societal systems change based on the transformation stories of individuals at the forefront of the men's healing movement.  

I'm interviewing men, women, and those identifying beyond the binary from diverse communities to hear others' healing stories.  I'm also asking each person, from their vantage point, what they see as the healing men most need today.  

While time and bandwidth is a challenge to conduct as many interviews as I'd like, I want to capture as many stories/perspectives as I can over the coming weeks and months, so I'm adding this survey to connect with more of you for the book.  

If you're interested in sharing your voice, story, and perspective in the pursuit of helping more men heal, please  complete the survey below.  I'd love to see what we can build together when we unlock the healing power in men.  

The larger vision is to bring everyone across the gender continuum engaged in their healing work into the humanity work. Where we come together to build compassionate bridges across gender, reframe leadership models and shift power dynamics from fear-based control to love-based empowerment, and reimagine crumbling systems and structures from a collective wisdom that will transform cultures that are more conscious, compassionate, and connected.  

This is the soul healing work essential for societal systems transformation.  And the work begins with men.  

When we unlocking the healing power in men, we unleash a fierce healing power into the world. 

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* 1. When you hear the words Warrior Compassion, what immediately comes to mind?

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* 2. Warrior Compassion is a fierce healing power within all men that liberates them to walk from a place of deeper consciousness, compassion, and connection.  What are your reactions to this working definition for the book?

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* 3. From your vantage point, what do you see as the healing men need most at this point in time?

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* 4. What experiences have been most instrumental/transformative in supporting you as you engaged in your own healing journey?

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* 5. What topics or questions do you hope the book addresses?

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* 6. How do you want to engage with Warrior Compassion going forward? (Check all that apply)

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* 7. If you'd like to stay connected, please share your name

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* 8. Please share your email address to stay connected.

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* 9. Optional: Please share with us how you identify (check all that apply)

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