1. Introduction - Sharing your story

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Thanks for contributing your story to the 9-11 Solo Show Project! (For mailing list sign-up, fill out this page only.)

The questionnaire on the next page can take as little as 10 minutes, but please share as much as possible. Don't worry about "good" writing. Just write down your experience as you remember it.

Lastly, the purpose of this page is to gather personal experiences for possible inclusion in a one-man show that will be performed for the general public. By submitting your material, you indicate that you understand how your story might be used. Please read simple waiver to this effect at the end of the survey, which is meant to protect us both. I wouldn't sleep well if I used your story without your permission!

The diversity of our experiences is amazing. No two stories are alike. Thanks for sharing yours!

Chris Wolfe
9-11 Solo Show Project

1. Your Information: Please include your email or phone so I may contact you with any follow-up questions. If you share your contact information, it will NEVER be shared or spammed.

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