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That's right, FrugalFloridaFun.com needs your help! We try very hard to bring you relevant content, great adventures and some good ole' fashioned family fun without breaking the bank. Our resources are limited so we want to make sure we are using them appropriately. Please take a few moments to complete our quick survey. At the very end you'll have a chance to plug in your contact information, and as a way to say thank you for your time, you will be entered into a drawing to win a $25 Shell gas card!

Shell Gas Card

* 1. What social media outlets would you like to see FrugalFloridaFun.com use?

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* 3. FrugalFloridaFun.com is advertisement supported. If we increase our advertising efforts what would you consider to be the least obnoxious?

* 4. Where should we concentrate our creative efforts?

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Family Technology Stuff
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Improve the Adventure Map
DIY Family Projects
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Videos of Adventures / Locations
Product Reviews
Upcoming Events
State Parks Information
Parks & Rec Reviews

* 5. Previously we featured a "Fun Forecast" that provided weekly information about events, festivals, and things to do. If we bring this feature back in what format would you like to see it in?

* 6. Previously we featured a calendar to promote upcoming events. If we bring this back how would you prefer to see the calendar?

* 7. We are considering sunsetting the Adventure Map. How do you feel about this?

* 8. Please share with us a local event or attraction you would like to see featured on our site. Please provide a web link if possible.

* 9. If you're selected as the winner of the $25 Shell gas card, please provide your contact information so we can get it to you.

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