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As Comcast designs, builds, and tests innovative new products and features, we need your help. Take our survey to receive Comcast Accessibility updates and for a chance to be selected to test accessible products and features. Your feedback today can directly shape the accessible solutions Comcast delivers tomorrow.

To Comcast, It is extremely important that we offer a range of exciting products and services that allows everyone to have access to entertainment, communication, information, and home management. Comcast uses product testing, customer experience interviews, and other tools to ensure that the customers who benefit from accessible products and services have a voice in developing them.

Completion of this survey will add you to Comcast's Accessibility testing and research pool, but does NOT guarantee your participation in the product testing, customer interviews, or other initiatives.

Due the the volume of requests we receive, A Comcast Accessibility Team member will reach out to you only if you are selected to participate.

Information provided in response to the questionnaire will remain confidential.

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