* 1. Please rate your level of satisfaction with the service you received:

  Not satisfied Satisfied, but could be better Average, what I'd expect Above average Exceptional Does not apply
Process of making arrangements for the work to be done
Having the work done in my office
Promises kept on scheduling
(For items sent for my installation)Shipments received in a timely manner
All work done as ordered

* 2. How satisfied are you with the workmanship?

  Poor Good Excellent Does not apply
Fit (Tight, smooth etc.)
Everything works as it did before work was done
Overall appearance

* 3. On the scale below, please indicate your level of satisfaction with the value you received for the amount you were charged.

  Not a good value What I'd expect Great value
For amount charged:

* 4. Would you use the services of this company again if needed?

* 5. Would you recommend this company to someone who needed this work in their office?

This survey is anonymous, however, if you are a satisfied customer and would like to be added to our list of references, Vinyl Crafters would appreciate your permission to pass your name on to others who need the same service.
If, for any reason, you were not satisfied, we'd like to contact you to ask what we need to do make you a satisfied customer.
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