Connecting Small Businesses to Resources

Please complete this application so that we can direct non-financial business resources and assistance to you as soon as possible. 

About the Small Business Resource Center Website and Call Center

The Small Business Resource Center Website and Call Center provide technical assistance and information about resources to assist during these economic times.

Businesses can reach live Call Center agents through the Small Business Resource Center Monday-Friday, 8 AM – 5 PM, at (216) 452 – 9714 to assist with:  

- Business Consulting
- Other Financial Assistance
- Unemployment Benefits
- Retaining and Retraining Employees

Looking for Other Business Resources and Financial Assistance?

You have several options. 

(1) Visit the Small Business Resource Center Website:

(2) Review the County Website to read about other federal, state, and local business resources

(3) Complete the secondary Stabilization Fund Application online to be pre-screened to potentially receive a grant or a loan

(4) Call the Small Business Resource Center to speak with a live agent for help: (216) 452 - 9714

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