The information gathered in this survey will be used to improve educational materials for the community. It will also help enlighten us all about the experiences we have had and how we feel and think about them. This is not a random survey meant to measure statistical breakdown of opinions within the community -- rather it is meant to reveal a range of experiences and opinions in a segment of the population that has an interest in coyotes.

* 1. Are you aware that coyotes live in your urban area?

* 2. How confident are you in your ability to identify an animal you might see as a coyote?
(i.e., are you able to distinguish it from a dog, fox, etc?)

* 3. Please share your attitudes/thoughts generally about coyotes in the city

* 4. Have you heard or read stories/occurrences about coyotes or coyote incidents by word-of-mouth, from social media such as Nextdoor, in newspapers or magazine or even books?

* 5. If you have heard stories, how would you characterize their impact on you? You may choose more than one answer if different stories have impacted you differently.

* 6. Were the attitudes of people telling the stories for the most part positive, negative or neutral towards the coyotes?

* 7. Did the stories involve places close to home?

* 8. Have you had your own personal experiences with coyotes in the city, and if so, how often?

* 9. Have your experiences with coyotes been generally positive, negative, or neutral?

* 10. Which of these statements do you most agree with, 1) Coyotes pose a threat to children and pets and shouldn't be here; or 2) Coyotes add to my enjoyment of the parks and life generally. Mark all that apply.

* 11. How would you characterize the level of coyote activity in your area near your home or in your park?

* 12. How often do you walk in the City's parks and open spaces. Please also indicate whether you walk with or without your dog/s (so you'll need to fill in two boxes here).

* 13. Have you been given educational materials and guidelines for coexistence, and if so, from where did you receive them? Mark all that apply.

* 14. This is an anonymous survey. If you would like to keep in touch about this effort, please leave us your email and name