Questions for recruiters in Construction, Finance or Education - participants remain anonymous.

Survey for the IOR Sector Report #2: Construction, Financial, Education

* 1. Which main areas do you recruit in?

* 2. How many CVs per month (best guess) are you handling in each of the following sectors (where applicable):

* 3. What are the most searched-for roles? (name the sector also)

* 4. What are the most unpopular roles? (name the sector also)

* 5. What are your biggest concerns right now?
Are you seeing any alarming or surprising trends? (Where possible please provide stats to demonstrate these).

* 6. What advertising trends are you seeing in each of these sectors?

* 7. What are the average salaries (please submit for both men and women)?

* 8. How many women are being appointed to boards in your sector if you have access to this information?

* 9. Could you give average recruiter fees in the following areas where applicable and broken down if necessary: