* 1. What is the name of your school, institution, or organization?

* 2. What age were the students in your class or program?

* 3. What type of course did you use PeaceMaker in conjunction with?

* 4. How did you integrate PeaceMaker into your course?

* 5. How did your class experience PeaceMaker?

* 6. How long did your class play PeaceMaker?

* 7. What activity/activities did your class do alongside the game?

* 8. Please rate the benefit of PeaceMaker in relation to the following questions.

  Not at All Significantly N/A
Did PeaceMaker improve engagement in the class activities?
Did PeaceMaker improve class dialogue around the class materials?
Did Peacemaker improve the comprehension of class materials
Did PeaceMaker improve the retention of the class materials?
Did PeaceMaker improve critical thinking around the class materials?
Did PeaceMaker improve literacy related to the class materials?

* 9. Did your students reference their experience with PeaceMaker in later class discussions?

* 10. Will you be using PeaceMaker with future classes?

* 11. Please rate the following question.

  Not at All Highly Recommend
Would you recommend the use of PeaceMaker to other educators?

* 12. Would you be willing to give a testimonial about your experience using PeaceMaker?

* 13. Would you be willing to share your lesson plan?

* 14. Would you be willing to be contacted by other teachers?

* 15. Would you be willing to be interviewed by Press about your use of PeaceMaker?

* 16. Where did you find out about PeaceMaker?

* 17. Where would you expect to find/purchase Peacemaker? (please answer this as it will help us get the product out to more people)

If you answered yes to questions 11 or 12 we would love for you to share your information on our Educators Forum at http://forum.impactgames.com/, send your information to co-founders@impactgames.com, or provide us with contact information and we will follow up with you directly.

* 18. Please provide us with your contact information if you are willing to be contacted in regards to questions 13 and 14, or if you would like us to contact you regarding sharing your lesson plans or testimonials.