Ritzville Public Library Magazine Survey

We're looking to improve our magazine selection at the Ritzville Public Library and we need your feedback!  Please fill out the survey below and return it to the library or submit it online by Monday, July 31.

* 1. What is your age?

* 2. What is your gender?

* 3. What hobbies or interests are most important to you? Check all that apply.

* 4. How often do you read a magazine?

* 5. When you come to the library, which do you prefer?

* 6. Out of the following options which magazine genre would you most likely read (examples are listed)

* 7. Do you have any suggestions for magazines you would like to see in our library? Any suggestions are welcome!

* 8. Would you like to be contacted if we order one of your suggestions? If so please include your name, contact number and email.


* 9. Contact number:

* 10. Email: