Dear Long-Range Planning Expert,
The Capital Area Regional Planning Commission is rewriting the Regional Land Use Plan and requests your input. We are contacting you in particular because you deal with land use planning in one way or another.   

RPCs in Wisconsin are charged under state statute to “prepare and adopt a master plan for the physical development of the region.” This advisory plan to guide future development is needed in our fast growing region. The current plan drafted in the 1990s is past its useful life.  

The survey asks your thoughts on draft goals and objectives for land use in the region. We developed the goals and objectives from priorities identified through the initiative, A Greater Madison Vision. Over the past few years, this initiative gathered input from public, private and citizen sources culminating in a survey completed by nearly 9,200 people last Fall.  

Your input on the draft goals and objectives is critical. As a person informed about long-range planning in your community, your thoughts are needed to ensure that regional land use goals and objectives are ultimately used to guide growth. 

We will finalize the goals and objectives based on survey input and discussions this Winter. Next we will use the goals and objectives to project future land use needs and opportunities, prepare future land use maps, draft implementation strategies, and prepare draft and final regional land use plans, while gathering more input throughout. 

The survey takes approximately 10 minutes to complete. We know that there are more tasks than there is time in your day. But we ask that you take the time to prioritize responding to this survey. We value your input and need your help to make the new Regional Land Use Plan a meaningful, useful, and successful roadmap to the future of our region. 

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Respectfully Yours,

The Capital Area Regional Planning Commission

Respectfully Yours,<br><br>The Capital Area Regional Planning Commission
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