Processed Food Quiz

1. According to statistics what percentage of a typical Western diet is made up of processed foods?

2. According to American Heart Association which diseases may trans fats contribute to?

3. Even though regulations requires packaged food to disclose the amount of trans fats, what ingredient on the list indicates hidden trans fats?

4. What chemical is used to process vegetable oils so that they will be solid at room temperature?

5. How many teaspoons of sugar does the average Canadian eat each day?

6. Which of the following processed foods is the major source of added sugar in the average Canadian's diet?

7. According to the World Health Organization, no more than what percent of our daily calories should come from sugar?

8. In the average western diet what percentage of our daily sodium intake comes from processed foods?

9. Which of the following processed foods are high in sodium?

10. What is the best way to ensure you are not incurring health risks from eating processed foods?