Since the last round of negotiations, the Quebec Provincial Association of Teachers (QPAT) consulted many members on various subjects regarding mobilization during negotiations. These steps aimed at reaching more members and hearing what they had to say about union activism.

At this time, we wish to consult you on how you would describe the notion of activism. With your help, your union will be able to adopt orientations for future including:
• Mobilization strategies and networking at various levels of the organization;
• Communication strategies;
• Related financial means to build a mobilization that will rally and be respectful of our will and our ability to achieve it.

By definition, campaigning is: “to lead or take part in a campaign to support or oppose someone or something or to achieve something” (Merriam Webster).

According to this notion, we ask you to answer the following questions regardless of whether we are or are not in negotiation. You can select more than one answer.

Question Title

* 1. What actions would you call activism and be willing to undertake to defend a cause you would support? (Check all that are applicable)

Question Title

* 2. For which reasons would you be willing to mobilize or take action? (Check all that are applicable)

Question Title

* 3. In what situation(s) would you be most willing to mobilize or to take action(s)? (Check all that are applicable)

On behalf of all the members of the Quebec Provincial Association of Teachers, we thank you for your usual collaboration!