2017-2018 Parent Survey

Dear Parents/Guardians of a child in C-OCISD,

Please take a moment of your time to complete this short twelve question survey. Your opinions and comments are invaluable as we evaluate our schools. All comments, suggestions and opinions submitted on or before the May 11th deadline will be considered.

Thank you,
Dr. Leland Moore
Superintendent of Schools

* 1. My child is at: (you may choose more than one)

* 2. My child feels safe at school:

* 3. My child feels safe going to and from school.

* 4. I am greeted and/or treated in a friendly manner in COCISD.

* 5. My child's school provides _________ opportunities for parent involvement.

* 6. Please use the grid below to answer the following questions:

  Strongly Disagree Disagree Neutral Agree Strongly Agree
The School offers a challenging educational program that meets or exceeds my standards.
The curriculum is appropriate for my child's grade level.

* 7. How well does your child's campus communicate and keep you informed through the use of the following: Newsletters, Monthly Calendars, SchoolReach (call out system), Email, Campus Webpage, etc.

* 8. How well does your child's teacher(s) communicate and keep you informed about your child's progress in class, upcoming events and/or assignment due dates?

* 9. My child enjoys eating breakfast and/or lunch at school.

* 10. My child's individual needs are met through additional support, i.e., Gifted Education, Special Education, ESL, Dyslexia, RtI, or At Risk.

* 11. What are the strengths of the school/district?

* 12. What would improve the school/district?