* 1. Do you shred all important papers before discarding in wastebaskets?

* 2. Do you insist on identification from repair personnel who come to work in your office?

* 3. Do you clear all desks of important papers every night and place them in locked, fireproof safes and cabinets?

* 4. Do you have the police and fire department telephone numbers posted and handy?

* 5. Are all windows, doors, ventilators properly protected?

* 6. Do you double check to see that all windows and doors are securely locked before you leave?

* 7. Do you have CCTV System (Closed Circuit TV) installed in your office?

* 8. Do you have Access Control and Visitor Control System installed in your office?

* 9. If you have CCTV, Access Control System, Time & Attendance System and Intrusion systems installed in your office, do you make sure the equipment is in working condition and set up properly?

* 10. How many employees do you have?

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